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AeroKing in Brief

AeroKing will make use of the existing architecture of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) in designing an algorithm for providing a seamlessly fast and Real-time airline ticketing system. Furthermore, AeroKing will facilitate the feature of hotel booking and reservation in over 1800 hotels worldwide accepting over 20 cryptocurrencies as payment either through the App or at any AeroKing centers at the airport. AeroKing is presenting a friendly, easy and smooth use of Cryptocurrency in Airline sector. Overall, these benefits promise to provide unlimited opportunities for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency world, adoption of cryptocurrency on the existing connection available for booking flights through the IATA certified agencies fostering and supporting mainstream adoption. Don’t get comtemplated by the news like bitcoin revolution is it a scam found on the webpages. Cryptocurrency has now become a part of our everyday life as these trading bots make our work ease.

Key Features of the AeroKing Project

Decentralized Flight Booking.

⦁ Facilitates easy and real-time flight booking on the Ethereum Blockchain technology with over 20 cryptocurrencies through the AeroKing App.

Easy Hotel Reservation

⦁ Making hotel reservations through the AeroKing centers in every airports covering over 380000 hotels all around the globe.

Improve Payment Process

⦁ Consolidating the payment process by deducting the agent commission automatically after ticket sales to reflect the final receipt.

Reduce Flight Cost

⦁ Up to 10% discount on all flight booked with AeroKing coin.


AeroKing Proposed Partners


AeroKing Roadmap

The Past, Present, and Then

  • INSPIRATIONAn early Ethereum investor was inspired by the ability of the Blockchain to simplify and decentralize the airline industry. This happened during some difficulties encountered while he was travelling on an international airline.

    July 2017

  • The GatheringA team that consist some Ethereum investors and some Blockchain developers was gathered, to plan architecture to simplify the airline booking and reservation system with the power of Blockchain technology.

    October 2017

  • BSP ANALYSISAnalysis of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) BSP architecture model and integration on the Ethereum Blockchain technology.

    January 2018

  • THE ICOInitial Coin Offering crowdsale and release of the Alpha Version of the Aeroking App. (Both Android and IOS)

    February 2018

  • March 2018

    LISTINGListing of ATO on 3 popular exchanges including Binance, HitBTC, and Bitcoin Trader. For more information, click here: The Development and integration of the AEROKING architecture, enabling almost 280 IATA certified airlines book through the platform.
  • June 2018

    APP RELEASEFinal release of the AEROKING App with full functions of realtime booking of flight tickets and making hotel reservations.
  • August 2018

    AEROKING SPOTSEstablishment of AEROKING centers at all major Airports of the world.
  • December 2018

    AEROKING CARDIssuance of Aeroking Mastercard to investors and users.

AeroKing App Features

The AeroKing App is filled with Great Features

  • feature
    Instant Booking
    Book a Flight Ticket in Seconds
  • feature
    Simple and Clean Interface
    Interactive User Interface
  • feature
    Secure and Fast
    Fully Decentralized and Secured.
  • feature
    24/7 Booking On The Go
    Book a flight anywhere anytime.
  • feature
    Responsive Support
    Reliable round the clock support

AeroKing Token Distribution

Up to 75% of AeroKing are issued for Public Sale.

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